Greek Island Tango Retreat 2019 ~ 7th Anniversary

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Greek Island Tango is waiting for you!!

This year's retreat is sure to be exceptional!

Our staff for 2019 includes: Yuliana Basmajyan, Octavio Fernandez & Grisha Nisnevich!

Yuliana Basmajyan has won the US Nationals twice and placed 3rd in the World Competition. She currently runs the SoCal Tango Festival & Competition and was a featured dancer in "Tangueras Del Sur" choreographed none other than the tango masters Natalia Hills & Alejandro Aguino. The show was quoted as being "Tango at its Truest". Yuliana is additionally known for her warmth and caring for her students and precise teaching style. Here is a link to Yuliana's current BIO and her website:

Octavio Fernandez is one the world's best male dancers currently teaching and performing- he has received many accolades from fellow dancers and students. Here is how Octavio is described in regards to his teaching style: "We can honestly say Octavio one of the best tango teachers in the world today. His precision as a dancer and teacher, knowledge of body mechanics, crystal-clear accuracy about musicality, and extreme subtlety in lead-and-follow communication, make him a pleasure to study with and watch perform".

Octavio is the organizer of "Tango Young Lyon" and hosts "El Yeite Tango Club" known as "the best place ever to go and dance Tango".

To connect with Octavio on FB:

Greek Island Tango is very pleased to announce for the first time, a very cool addition: Tango DJ/ Musician/ Instructor joining our retreat for the first time: Grisha Nisnevich!!

Grisha Nisnevich

Grisha began his music exploration in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Russia at an early age. His work with Ilya Permiakov guided and inspired his musical passion and brought him to the stage. Relocating to Israel, Grisha continued his education with Joseph Urshalmi at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. He was asked to teach guitar for their Department of Music Education while still a student. After graduation, he joined the faculty there. Before emigrating from Russia in 1988  to Israel he became the youngest music teacher in St. Petersburg. When Grisha came to Denver in 1996, he was invited to teach at the AIMS Community College in Greeley and Fort Lupton, Colorado where he expanded their staff making it the largest guitar faculty in the state of Colorado at the time. In 1996, Grisha was awarded the prestigious Artist Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance from the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver, Colorado by Maestro Ricardo Iznaola.

In 2001, Grisha encountered the passionate music of Argentine tango that has since become an integral part of his repertoire - not only as a musician, but also as a tango dancer, teacher, and DJ. Tango first captured Grisha’s imagination as an incredibly complex genre of music that is intensely polyphonic in its formation (contains simultaneous, independent melodies.) As a dance, it became for him a creative exploration of endless possibilities and intricate interpretations of music through movement. He has studied with Argentine master teachers including Pablo Pugliese and Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa. As an Argentine Tango instructor Grisha analyzes the essence of human movement, the nature and the anatomy of a human body and muscles, enabling his students to move up to advanced levels of dance in a very short period of time. He pays close attention to technique, rhythm, and musicality, translating melodies into movement and dance. In addition, he teaches classes on “Tango Polyphonic Structure” which talks about the differences among various tango orchestras. To learn more about Grisha, please visit his website:

So what are YOU waiting for?!

Early Bird Pricing is still in effect, but hurry! Early Bird ends midnight, July 7th! for all info! for questions and inquiries.

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